Here are photos of some of  my successful pupils in 2008. I currently have a very high pass rate so why not come and join in the success with EXCEL Driving School!!


Some Successful Pupils From 2008


 Congratulations Natalie Marsh who passed on 25/01/08! 

 Well done Nicola Clark passed on an intensive course on 07/01/08!

 First time pass for Josh Shapland on 14/02/08 well done!!

 Congratulations Lisa Berryman passed on 19/02/08!

 Well done to Jo Reed passed on an intensive course on 03/04/08!

 First time pass for Mark Poile on an intensive course on 03/04/08 awesome!!

 Well done Sam Smith passed on an intensive course on 23/05/08!

 Congratulations Hannah Furber passed on 06/06/08!

 First time pass for Natalie Gibson on 14/07/08 well done!!

 First time pass for James Smith on 16/07/08 nice one!!

 First time pass for Nadia Van Der Wath on 17/07/08 awesome!!

 First time pass for Bill Payne on 23/07/08 well deserved!!

 Congratulations Ben Kyle passed on 24/07/08!

     First time pass for Phil Johnson on 20/08/08 well done!!

 First time pass for Kevin Fry on 12/09/08 almost no minors!!

 First time pass for Rachel Johnstone on an intensive course on 04/11/08 well deserved!! 

 Congratulations Kate Moscardini passed on 28/11/08!

 First time pass for Jess Maynard on 03/12/08 almost no minors!!