EXCEL use the LD System - the exciting new way to learn to drive - structured instruction making learning easy, quick and fun.


EXCEL Driving School uses the LD System - the exciting new way to learn to drive.
Let me introduce the Learner Driving tuition system (LD System), a system that has been designed for maximum progress and ease of learning. It is a system which is structured, where each driving lesson follows a set programme with clearly defined objectives, where the instructors use professional and modern training methods to ensure your training is both effective and enjoyable 

LD System Driving Lesson Programme.

Part 1 - Basic control skills
This part will teach you the basic control skills needed to drive safely. This is the starting point for most people and essential if you have no previous driving experience.


1. Getting moving
2. Gears
3. Steering
4. Co-ordination
5. The Emergency Stop

Part 2 - Road skills
This section will teach you the driving skills needed to cope with modern road systems.


6. Hazard drill & Junctions
7. Crossroads
8. Dealing with busier junctions
9. Roundabouts
10. Traffic signals & Pedestrian crossings

Part 3 - Traffic Skills
This part teaches you how to use the basic controls and road skills to deal with a wide range of traffic conditions and situations.


11. Hazard perception and defensive driving
12. Dual Carriageways
13. Town and city centre driving
14. Progressive driving
15. The driving test

Part 4 - Set Manoeuvres
The introduction of teaching manoeuvres can begin at any point after completing lesson 4 of Basic control skills.


M1. Straight line reversing
M2. Parallel parking
M3. Bay parking in reverse
M4. Driving into a parking bay
M5. Parking on the right


A Competent instructor who cares

At EXCEL your driving instructor Paul is specially trained to a very high standard and is a fully qualified Advanced driving instructor, unlike some other driving schools in North Devon whose instructors are trainee instructors and not fully qualified! The best driving instructors are those that genuinely care about their customers, who are passionate about the job they are doing and who have received the very best training themselves.  And where do you find such driving instructors? At EXCEL, of course.




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Email: paul@fastpass4u.com