Here are photos of some of  my successful pupils in 2012. I currently have a very high pass rate so why not come and join in the success with EXCEL Driving School!!

Some Successful Pupils From 2012 


 A well deserved pass for Aaron Eastman on 08/02/12, almost a clean sheet! One of my best ever drivers!

 A hard worked for and deserved pass for Robbie Hudson on 17/02/12, well done!

 A great and very well deserved pass for Natasha Hill on 26/03/12, one of my best ever drivers!

 A very good and well deserved pass from Adele Williams on 11/04/12, another one of my best ever drivers!

 An awesome drive and pass from Phoebe Johnson on 15/05/12, ZERO minors puts Phoebe at the top of the class, from the examiner " a perfect drive "! So far my best ever driver!

 A good drive from Jack Furber in his own car led to a brilliant 1st time pass for Jack Furber on 08/06/12 well done!!

 An inspired drive from Jason Jones gave him a superb 1st time pass on 22/06/12 awesome mate!!

 A great drive from Laura Crane in her own car gave her the pass she wanted on 05/07/12 nice one!

 All the hard work paid off for Georgia Hazell with a great pass on 06/07/12 a nice drive!

 A good drive gave Katie White a brilliant pass on 12/07/12 well deserved!

 A great drive from Rosie Haskins led to an awesome 1st time pass on 26/07/12 in her own car!!

 A great drive from Dan Ayres and test pass on 14/09/12 in his own car!

 A good well deserved pass from Aaron Hynds on 27/09/12 in his own car!

 A good drive led to a 1st time pass for James Roe on 08/10/12!!

 A very good drive from Harry Hart on 23/10/12 led to another 1st time pass!!

 A cracking drive from Sarah Spencer on 23/11/12 led to yet another 1st time pass!!

 A confident quality drive leads Edd Liddon on 11/12/12 to yet another 1st time pass well done!!