Here are photos of some of  my successful pupils in 2009. I currently have a very high pass rate so why not come and join in the success with EXCEL Driving School!!


Some Successful pupils From 2009


 A great first time pass for Charlotte Bater on 05/02/09 1st of the year well deserved!!

 A great drive for Chris Ariss on 10/02/09 a well deserved pass!

 First time pass for Toby Land on 18/02/09 awesome!!

 A great first time pass for Kristian Mowatt on 06/04/09!!

 Superb a first time pass for Caya Munroe on an intensive course on 20/05/09!!

 Cracking first time pass for Michael Morgan on an intensive course on 21/05/09!!

 First time pass for Sean Buller almost a clean sheet on 12/06/09!!

 A good drive for James Hindle on 12/06/09  a  thoroughly deserved pass!

 A thoroughly deserved pass for Luke Baker on 17/06/09 well done mate!

 First time pass for Joey Davis on 22/06/09 an awesome job!!

 Well done Rosie Corr a great pass for you on 20/07/09!

 A great first time pass on an intensive course on 24/07/09 for Charlotte May almost a clean sheet!!

 A well deserved pass for Duncan Tysall on an intensive course on 04/08/09 you worked hard for this one!

 A superb first time pass for Andrew Squires on an intensive course on 10/09/09 well deserved!!

 A very good and very well deserved pass for Libby Williams on 04/11/09 well done!

 A well deserved first time pass for Mark Garner on 09/11/09 well done!!

 A super first time pass for Paul Evans on 11/11/09 an awesome job!!

 A much needed first time pass for Simon Dean on 20/11/09 good effort great job!!